Restful Yoga 2013 – June #1

The Pose – by – Pose:

  1. Supported fish
  2. Supine bolster twist (both sides)
  3. Reclining butterfly (supta boddhakonasana)
  4. Easy inversion with strap (weight hands into strap without pulling)
  5. Strapped hamstring stretch (left foot stays in strap, in line with left shoulder)
  6. Strapped hamstring stretch across body (left foot in line with right shoulder)
  7. Extend left leg to left side
  8. Figure four (reclining pigeon – same side)
  9. Repeat 5 -8 on second side
  10. Rest (savasana)


This class was originally shared at the Breathing Room in Central Square on Wednesday, June 12th, 2013.

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