Restful Yoga 2013 – November #1

The Pose – by – Pose:

  1. Reclining butterfly
  2. Figure 4 (right leg)
  3. Reclining hamstring (right foot in strap)
  4. Step 2-3 left side
  5. Curl up on the left side (fetal position)
  6. Straddle split at wall
  7. Easy inversion at wall
  8. Meditation*
  9. Supported fish
  10. Twist on a bolster (to the right, then the left)
  11. Savasana

*Meditation notes:  Notice your thoughts and feelings.  Once you notice, you can change them, but that can feel like a heavy weight, to become your idealized self. Instead, notice and let it be okay.

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