Restful Yoga 2013 – December #1

This was my final regularly scheduled class at the Breathing Room in Central Square.  It was an emotional night, but also a playful one — emphasizing living in the present moment, even as a car alarm is going off for ten or so minutes at a time.

The Pose – by – Pose:

  1. Supported fish on blocks
  2. Seated meditation (over a car alarm)
  3. Table, hip sways
  4. Anahatasana (discomfort is like a car alarm)
  5. Crocodile
  6. Sphynx / Seal
  7. Shoulder opener (rolling to one side with extended arm)
  8. Shoulder opening twist
  9. Roll to back hugging bent knee to chest – wind reliving pose
  10. Half happy baby
  11. Figure four
  12. Figure four twist
  13. Soften back to belly
  14. Repeat 7-13 on second side
  15. Rest (savasana)
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