Rally for Ali Restful Flow – January #2

This restful flow was taught as a workshop to benefit for Ali Barton as a part of the Rally for Ali.  Ali has been teaching yoga in the Boston-area community for a long time, and was recently hospitalized while she waits to be added to the heart transplant list.  So on Saturday, January 13th, we dedicated to ourselves to Rest with Intention for Ali.

The Pose – by – Pose:

  1. Supported fish
  2. Bolster twist
  3. Figure four
  4. Figure four twist
  5. Repeat 2-4 on second side
  6. Knocked knees
  7. Anahatasana — HEART focus
  8. Sphynx / Seal
  9. Half frog
  10. Shoulder-opening twist
  11. Repeat 8-9 on second side
  12. Yoga Nidra to Rest (savasana)

If you’d like to help Ali, as she prepares for her baby and (hopefully) her new heart, visit the GoFundMe page here.

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