Restful Flow 2014 – January #3

The Pose – by – Pose:

  1. Seated meditation
  2. Seated neck stretches **
  3. Butterfly folding forward
  4. Supported Fish
  5. Shoelace (AKA cowface pose or knee pile)
  6. Half dragon fly (AKA janu sirsasana) — top leg from shoelace post stays bent
  7. Bolster Twist — bent knee side from previous poses on top
  8. Repeat 5-7 on second side
  9. Easy inversion
  10. Rest (savasana)

**Seated neck stretches included:

  • Sit up tall
  • Head tilts right (to deepen: extend left hand to the left or rest right hand on top of head)
  • Repeat on left

I’ve been teaching this simple neck sequence a lot lately.  It helps to combat the aftermath of cold weather on the neck and shoulders.

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