Restful Yoga 2015 – February #3

The Pose – by – Pose: 

  1. Seated meditation – hands are cups, right holds active thoughts and doing, left hand holds passive acceptance
  2. Butterfly forward fold
  3. Sidelying on bolster (left side)
  4. Twist over bolster at chest height to left
  5. Fish
  6. Twist over bolster at chest height to right
  7. Sidelying on bolster (right side)
  8. Easy inversion
  9. Strap leg (right)
  10. IT band twist (to left)
  11. Bolster twist (to left)
  12. Repeat steps 9-11 on second side
  13. Straddle forward fold
  14. Savasana

Notes from Restful & Reiki workshop at Coolidge Corner Yoga on February 6th, 7:30pm.

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